Our Lady of Grace Schools

Ghana, Africa

The school's motto is "Knowledge, Morality and Service". The school is named after Our Lady of Grace Parish in Minnesota which had a relationship as a sister parish with St. Joseph's parish in Mamponteng, Ghana, in West Africa. The relationship between Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph’s Parish in Ghana began when Fr. John Opuko was a weekend associate at Most Holy Trinity Parish. 

When the sister parish relationship started over ten years ago, no one would have dreamt that it would have led to the building of a school for 1,000 students in Ghana.

The School Organizational Structure

Our Lady of Grace Senior High School was overseen by Rev. Fr. Paul Attah-Nsiah until 2014 when Mr.Stephen Kwame Anokye, former headmaster of Opoku Ware Catholic Senior High School, assumed the responsibility of the first substantive headmaster. The headmaster is supported by teams of department heads as well as housemasters and housemistresses that oversee the boarding houses. Also, a students' representative council has been established to oversee their interests. A school disciplinary committee, made up of staff and student representatives, deals with breaches of the school's code of conduct and rules & regulations. The disciplinary committee is further supported by the chaplain and school oversight committee. A parents and teachers association (PTA) has been formed which meets every term to deliberate on the school's progress and students' welfare. Their maiden meeting took place on December 15th, 2013.

Student Assistance

It became clear in the first year that many students and their families had difficulties in paying the school fees. Some of these students were bright, performed well in classes and had good conduct. The oversight committee has therefore set up an education sub-committee whose task includes the establishment of criteria for the granting of student assistance in the form of financial awards and scholarships to deserving students. There have been many contributions from the parish members at Our Lady of Grace Church in Edina, Minnesota, towards the student assistance program. There have also been contributions from local individuals to help the needy students. However, so much more is needed in order to fully fund and operationalize this program.

Student Enrollment

Like any new program, funds for running the school are a constant challenge. During this time the school works toward increasing enrollment to reach full capacity and moves towards becoming self-supporting.

After the funding of the structures and facilities by private benefactors, additional funds have to be generated to cover costs of salaries for teaching and non-teaching staff, payment of utilities, insurance and other essential services as well as maintenance of the magnificent structures and facilities. In the United States this usually takes the form of "annual fund" campaigns.

Caring, focused and targeted education releases all the potentials and talents of individuals and turn the dreams of the young into realities.
— Dr. Agnes Akosua Aidoo (Board of Governors)

Educational Journey

Children begin their educational journey in basic school (US equivalent to elementary school). When you ask them, "Have you ever heard of OLG Senior High School?" they all shout, "yes!!!" When you ask, "Would you, one day, like to go to OLG Senior High School?" - the "YES" is even louder!

Middle school (US equivalent to Junior High School) is where education ends for most.  Many go to work, a necessity to support their family.  Many wish to study at OLG Senior High School Ghana but simply lack the financing needed to support the $1,000 annual tuition cost that covers room, board and an invaluable education.

Our Lady of Grace Senior High School Ghana Africa

With the gift of scholarships, 800 students are able to attend OLG Senior High School Ghana.   In three-years time, they receive a complete high school education, and are ready to take their college preparatory examinations.


Already at a young age, the children know that OLG Senior High School Ghana is an opportunity for them to RISE and SHINE.


Campus Construction Projects

Video footage from January of 2017.  This footage is already out-of-date, as construction on the auditorium has completed, a new road has been finished, and many other projects are underway!


The campus is always improving and under construction!

As of August, 2017, a new road had been completed, and new plantings had been put in the ground


As of July, 2017, a NEW cafeteria was under construction:

Below is a rendering of how the finished cafeteria will look.